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Florenshus (Denmark) previous known as the group home Tystoftegaard is located near the town of Skaelsskoer in Denmark [1]

In the news

In relationship with a case where a employee of a smaller group home was convicted of sexual relationship with three girls aged from 10 years and up, this group home was remanded by the court regarding ignoring the complaints of abuse told by the girls to staff members [2].

However the group home was the only to blame. As a politician responsible for this area state, he also have a bad taste in his mouth today [3].

The Staff member from the smaller group home was given six years in prison. He has appealled the conviction [4] [5].

Maybe the staff members of the group home have learned something, but if they all react like the firm hired to control the facilities by the cityhall - (Socialfonden PRO) - new cases like this would appear in the future. In the court this firm stated: "Man skal være forsigtig med at tage pigernes oplysninger for pålydende. Det skrev jeg også i den rapport, forsvarede Gitte Blume sig." (Please be careful about taking the information given by the girls for granted. I also stated that in my report, answered Gitte Blume in effort to defend herself) [6]

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