Freedom Village

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 50 (2012) - capacity 200
Checked March 2, 2012
Open.gif Opened 1981

Freedom Village is marketed as a youth ministry running a boarding school. The facility is located near Lakemont in the state of New York [1]

It was founded around 1981. In the 1980's there were about 200 teenagers in their program. Today there is about 50 [2].

Program structure

Level system

Students are ranked according to a system of levels ranging from no-level to Junior Staff. Students enter the program on C-Level and can either progress upward or downward in levels based on behavior.

Misc rules

During all meals, chapel sessions, school and church sessions the teenagers are segregated by gender. Dating is only allowed among program students once they have obtained a certain privilege level, and with staff approval.

Freedom Village abides by very restrictive standards of personal dress and conduct. Young people are to wear proper fitting, modest apparel. Pastor Brothers also preaches against secular music and has been outspoken against "Christian rock" as well.

At one point a staff member shot a Television-set on the campus with a shootgun due to non-Christian broadcasts [2]


Parents are allowed to visit their children on a prearranged basis every month after the first three months, and students are asked to commit to remain in the program for one year. Children are required to write one letter a week to their family. Phone calls are limited to one a week made in the presence of a staff member.

In the news

  • While the program states that the stay of the teenagers is voluntary a mother filed a case against the facility for detaining her daughter for years [3]
  • 2012 it was reported that due to the economy the program has cut down on their activities [2]

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