Gateway Academy

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This facility is currently being investigated by the Fornits Webforum

Gateway Academy is a behavior modification facility marketed as a theraputic boarding school.

It can detain 40 male teenageres at the time for 7 to 9 months [1].

It was founded in 2002

They have two campuses. One of them is located on 2487 South 700 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 and the other one on 11706 South 700 East, Draper, Utah 84020 [2] [3].

Program Structure

Detainees are strip searched and inventoried upon arrival. They are assigned rooms with 3-5 others, though they rarely see them - the days are extremely strictly regulated, with all of the 'group' being made to do everything set out as one. Alone time is nonexistent, and anything as innocuous as trying to read or otherwise keep to oneself during set free time is immediately decried as 'isolating'. Twice daily, staff 'feedback' is read before all, almost all of which is fabricated or exaggerated according to their wishes. Any objecting (to anything along these lines by anyone, in fact) is ordered to 'sit with the feedback'. Parents were warned against complaints.

Level system or Positive Peer Group system

Program consisted of 6 levels, used as the obligatory brainwashing mechanism in a different way than most, albeit reminiscent of some POW tactics in a way. Past the initial levels, where the detainee is broken as typical of programs, advancement becomes seemingly arbitrary. Detainees' "performance" aside, the staff would more or less randomly raise or lower their level. The reason given would usually be an exaggeration of some normally unnoticeable trait, often an accusation of 'isolating' or 'not being real enough'.

Living Conditions

They live in rooms with 3 to other detainees.


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