Genesis by the Sea

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Genesis by the Sea was a behavior modification facility located in Ensenada, Mexico [1].

Among the owners of the facility was - Mike Palmer - who also runs Victory Christian Academy in Florida [2].

A total of 585 foreigners were deported out of Mexico [3]

Program structure


  • General Consequences were called demerits, or lines also known as standards. Demerits were no less than 5 words no more than 7 words written 100, 300, 500 or 700 times depending upon the wrongdoing. 500 being the most common. They are to be turned in the following night from the time they are given. If you have more that 1000 you could request an extension on the due date.
  • You could have another girl put into a place of authority called a Helper as a shadow if you created too many offences. Demoted in your status and not allowed to speak with others except the Helpers and your Shadow. You were called in a status of on Buddy. Your Buddy was to be with in 5 feet of you at all times. You were also not allowed to notice another girl on buddys existence. During this time you were only allowed to wear dress clothing and shoes Or after they were created a jumper and brightly colored shirt
  • You could also be put on what was called dorm silence. You were not allowed to speck except when spoken to by authority staff or helpers or when absolutely necessary.
  • Some girls who got too close to others were put on separation where they could not only not notice another but could not be anywhere neer the others and had to request permission from helpers before entering an area.
  • One girl who would not conform to the program had her hair cut off.
  • Others were stuck in the closet area a small hallway surrounded by 13 closets used by the girls attending the longest. The Closet area was about 3 feet wide by 15 feeet long or so. Girls who became aggressive or violent were sat on by other girls. Sometimes 5 or 6 girls sitting on one. Also your meals were limited during this time to oatmeal and grits.
  • If you did not finish your food you were given lines as well as you had your meal saved in seran wrap and were made to eat it at the next meal.
  • Teenagers, who have successfully escaped and were returned may be restrained with the use of zip ties [4]

In the news

The facility was closed down in september 2004 [5] [6].


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