Glacier Mountain Academy

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Glacier Mountain Academy was a behavior modification facility located near Sandpoint, Idaho. Before it was named Glacier Mountain Academy, the program was marketed as Glacier Mountain Expeditions.

They could detain teenagers between the ages of 13-17 years.

There was no info about the length of the program on the webpage (April 2008).

A former manager of the facility started another facility called Turning Winds [1]

The facility closed during the summer of 2010 [2]

Program structure

No information about treatment philosophy is stated on their webpage.

The "daily schedule" page on their homepage suggests that they use a level system, where the levels "Orientation" and "Evaluation" is named.

In the news

An article in Spokesman Review tells a story about understaffing and a different level of education than expected [3]. The founder was charged with operating a school without license[4]

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  1. Seen 'n Heard - Jul, 2000 Issue, - industry marketing firm.

    (June 8, 2000) Larry Bauer, Director of Glacier Mountain Academy (GMA), Sandpoint, Idaho, announced that as of January 1, 2000, GMA became a totally separate entity from Glacier Mountain Educational Services (formerly known as Glacier Mountain Expeditions), which is headed by John Baisden. Bauer and Baisden had formed a partnership a few years ago, which has now been dissolved as a result of this action. Ramona and Matt Slover are managers and house parents of the GMA program, with Jack Evensizer, the accredited teacher.

  2. Comment on the webpage "My Experience With Glacier Mountain Academy", by Rick Becker, August 17, 2010

    In the next month or so, this website will go defunct. GMA has closed and Larry is unable or unwilling to pay his debt. It has been up 3 years. I hope it has helped some who may have stumbled upon it. Good luck.]

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