Glacier Mountain Academy

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Glacier Mountain Academy is a behavior modification facility located near Sandpoint, Idaho.

They detain teenagers between the ages of 13-17 years.

There is no info about the length of the program on the webpage.

A former manager of the facility started another facility called Turning Winds [1].

Program structure

No information about treatment philosophy is stated on their webpage.

The "daily schedule" page on their homepage suggests that they use a level system, where the levels "Orientation" and "Evaluation" is named.

In the news

An article in Spokesman Review tells a story about understaffing and a different level of education than expected [2]


(June 8, 2000) Larry Bauer, Director of Glacier Mountain Academy (GMA), Sandpoint, Idaho, announced that as of January 1, 2000, GMA became a totally separate entity from Glacier Mountain Educational Services (formerly known as Glacier Mountain Expeditions), which is headed by John Baisden. Bauer and Baisden had formed a partnership a few years ago, which has now been dissolved as a result of this action. Ramona and Matt Slover are managers and house parents of the GMA program, with Jack Evensizer, the accredited teacher.

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