Grace Christian Home & Academy

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Current status Closed [1]
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Checked October 24, 2010
Open.gif Opened 1983
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Grace Christian Home & Academy was a religious boarding school located in Shreveport, Louisiana [2].

The targetgroup was female teenagers. Teenagers who reached the age of 18 could remain at the school if they wished to [3].

The program was founded in 1983 [4]

The program was intended to last 12 months. If the girl completed the program faster than 9 months she had to remain in the program to get her school records [4]

Program structure

The used a level system with levels numbered from I to IV [5].

A number of privileges came with each level. Some of those listed in the student manual were:

Level I: 1. After two weeks you earn your letter writing and phone privileges.
2. Parent visit after 30 days (1st visit no overnights)
Level II: 1. Sitting away from staff
2. Parent overnight visit
3. Go to grocery store with Velda
Level IV: 1. Thirty minutes of outside time( If house staff permits it)
2. Go to the movies, dinner, or any outside activity with a staff. Must be at least two in the group.
3. Go to extra church functions as long as there is a pastor or someone I know will watch you.
4. Writing to friends permitted by parents
5. Sit away from staff at church but in front of them no more than three rows.
6. Home visits are for family only.
Level V: 1. Go out without a staff
2. Go out with a group of friend from church. Group must consist of boys and girls and should be at least a group of four.
3. Go to church functions without a staff
4. Go home with a staff person once per month
5. Longer home visits, time will be discussed.
6. Writing friends that your parents approve of
7. Sit with your church friends as long as you do not sit behind the staff.

8. Allowed to hang out with friends while on your home visit. Not for a long periods of time. Example: two hours to three hours

They did take teenagers who did not want to enter their program [3]:

Can she be sent against her will?

Yes. Practically no girls comes here willingly. After she arrives and parents leave the girls generally adjust pretty quickly.
What if she refuses to go? How do I get her there?

This depends entirely on each individual situation. Some families are assisted by other family members or friends. There are professional escort services available. Parents must visit prior to enrolling their daughter, or accompany her when she enrolls. If this is not possible then parents MUST visit their daughter when her first 30 days has expired.

Daily schedule [4]

The girls arise around 7:00 am. They do their morning activities: dress, breakfast, chores, etc. They walk one block to school accompanied by staff.
The school day is from 8 am to approximately 3:30 pm. During the day the girls have their group study periods, counseling sessions, physical activity period, and schooling. All of these activities are integrated into the overall therapeutic structure of the program. The girls have exercise classes Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays every week. After the girls return home they do evening household chores, assist in preparation of dinner and clean up afterwards.
The evening schedule may include attending a youth service at a local church, a group discussion in the home, a recreational activity, or just sitting around relaxing.
Quite time for reading begins at 9:30
Lights out is 10:00, except the weekends which is later.

On Saturday the girls did have outdoor work assignments, did go shopping, or had parent visitation. Sunday was church and relaxation.


Parents was allowed to visit once a month. Phone calls from parents were received on weekends after the first 14 days. Letters could be received daily. Parents was allowed to talk to the Directors at anytime [3].


Disciplinary measures included such things as spending time in an unlocked "time-out" area, demotion to a "zero" level for a period of time, withdrawal of privileges, inability to participate in activities, etc. [4]

If the girls ran away the parents would be notified. If the girl did not turn up within short time, the police would be notified. When the girl had been located she must express desire to return. Otherwise she would be expelled from the program [4]

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