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Guardian Placement Services is a Teenage transport company, which are located at 8617 Highway 89, Milton, Florida [1].


The have both male and female staff. The owners are stated to be Mike & Laura Palmer.

According to website alone also following information about the staff are given:

Retired 13 year police officer
Undercover Narcotics Investigation
Gang Interdiction;
Narcotics Interdiction Instructor
Certified Alcohol and Drug Use;
Certified K-9 Handler
FBI certified Firearms Instructor; Financial and Fraud Investigations
Trained in anger management and non-violent crisis intervention
Trained in management of assaultive behavior
Certified D.A.R.E. Officer / Instructor
Inmate Transport and Courtroom Security
1995 Deputy Sheriff of the Year


Type Info to be found on the website
Halfway houses No information avialable
Parent handbook No information avialable
Insurance Information about insurance can not be found on the webpage.

Methods used

Tools Used on clients
Handcuffs No information avialable
Legirons No information avialable
Transport hood No information avialable
Other restraints No information avialable
Pebberspray No information avialable
Baton electrical / non-electrical No information avialable
Taser No information avialable

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