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Højer Design Efterskole is a continuation school in Denmark. It is located in the village of Højer [1].

The school did open in 2007 in buildings that used to house a public school and later a firm [2].

When the school year 2008 - 09 started there was 92 teenagers living at the facility. In relationship with the case where 12 students were expelled it was revealed that about 25 % of the teenagers left the facility before the school year was over.

Program structure

The school has based on the heritage of continuation schools being used a juvenile detentions in the past a strict alcohol policy which not only prohibit alcohol consumption on the campus but also on the travel to and from the facility. However, experience from the last years show that the teenagers only will risk being expelled once the last parent paymnent has been received by the school as the law only allow them to keep 4 weeks payment after the teenager has been expelled.

The school does also forbid use of tobbaco. However it is not stated if the teenagers are allowed to smoke outside the campus as it is common in Denmark [3]


General education on the same level as the publics school are offered. Such facilities have to meet standards by the department of education [4].

However the law is rather relaxed and a parent stated that not the teachers are educated as teachers [5].


June 2009, 12 teenagers were expelled on suspicion of alcohol consumption. They were not tested and no bottles were found, but they were happy and in high spirit, which was so uncommon for teenagers attending the school that the staff decided to expell them [6]

Based on the non-existing evidence parents have tried to reach out to the school, but they have only been met with silence [7]

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