Heartland Christian Academy

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Heartland Christian Academy is a behavior modification facility located in Newark, Missouri.

Program structure

This facility use corporal punishment

Because the state of Missouri regards a person of 17 years of age as an adult, the program wants children aged 15 and half or lower.


That discipline has included paddlings and, in one instance, forcing misbehaving youngsters to stand in piles of manure. According to an article in Jefferson City News-Tribune it is stated:

Charles Sharpe has said such treatment was appropriate, given his unwavering belief that America's youths are falling prey to drugs, sex and violence because public institutions are godless and parents have spared the rod of corporal punishment.

In the News

Around 2001 the state of Missouri started an investigation due to suspicion about child abuse at the facility, where the founder and several staff members were acused. The founder was cleared of child abuse because paddling is not considered abuse [1] [2] [3].


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