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Current status Open
Checked November 24, 2014
Open.gif Opened 1989

Heartlight Ministries runs a behavior modification facility near Hallsville, Texas [1]

It was founded in 1989 by Mark and Jan Gregston [2]

The program can last between 9 and 12 months.

The target group is teens between 13 and 18. They can detain almost 50 teenagers [3]

Program structure

They use a level system [3]


Once the detainees are broken they can attend the local high school in Hallsville. Otherwise they are educated by a teacher on the campus. Whether this education is licensed has not been proven [3]


If the detainess dont behave or tries to run away they are issued orange clothes and have to do chores dressed like that [4]


  • Januar 2007 a 17 year old girl ran. She was later found safe [5]
  • March 2009 a pentition was started by friend and family to free a 16 year old boy named Nathan from the behavior modification facility run by the organization [6]. Beside the people behind the pentition also approached authorities and a member of the Congress.
  • January 2013 two teenagers ran from the facility. They later returned [7]
  • November 2014 a relative posted concerns about a family member [8]

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