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*Info: [ High Peaks Wilderness Program], a notice found about the closure
*Info: [ High Peaks Wilderness Program], a notice found about the closure
*Info: [ Outdoor behavioral healthcare], report
*Info: [ Outdoor behavioral healthcare], report
*Info: [ 'Wilderness therapy' teens taken into protective custody], Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 10 2002
===Survivor groups===
===Survivor groups===

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High Peaks Wilderness Program was a behavior modification program using wilderness therapy as tool.

It detained youth aged 13 - 18.

It closed in 2002.

Program structure

The program used a level system with two levels and the program lasted about two months.

The detained youth stayed in the first phase until they were broken down. This phase was a normal wilderness program complete with isolation and limitation of foods and communication.

The second phase was a adventure phase involving fishing, swimming, and involving in various kinds of learning. A home visit could be a part of this phase[1]

In the news

In 2002 the authorities in Utah closed the program down because they found that the detained teenagers was not equipped to deal with the harsh environment. The program relocated to Montana, where there are almost no regulations to this very day [2].


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