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Hjortoehus (Denmark)is a group home in the Town of Svendborg - Funen, Denmark [1]

The group home can hold 12 youth aged between 3 and 18. The number of staff members are 15.

The youth are admitted to this group home by the authorities in their hometown.

Program structure

The youth attend either daycare, school or work in the local community.

Time are set up so they can attend activities in the local community.

The youth have chores like cleaning own room and wash their own clothes. They also participate in other chores depending of their age.


The price is DKK 1,638 per day and the local authorities of the hometown of the girls are paying for the stay.

In the news

On May 15 - 2008 a group of six girls aged between 15 and 18 did beat a girl - also living in the group home - up. The beating involving kicking took an hour and she ended up being thrown into a hawthorn.

After formally arrested and charged, the girls were returned to the same group home because they were already undergoing punishment by being placed at the group home for other crimes or social incidents.

Due to a future conviction their stay at the group home will properly be extended. But the victim has to endure to live next door to her molesters [2] [3].


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