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Checked January 1, 2016

Hope Christian Home And Academy is the name for a so-called Christian boarding school located on the postal address 865 Sweatman Road in Duck Hill, Mississippi.

The founders did previous work for Happiness Hill in Union.

Program structure


They use a yet unknown Christian based curriculum [1]


Phone calls made by speaker phone so the staff can listen to the conversion and cancel if unwanted information is stated by the teenager [1]


The following consequences were named on a message board by a survivor [2]

  • 1) Licks (corporal punishment)
  • 2) Sentences (up to thousands of them)
  • 3) Standing facing the wall for up to hours at a time
  • 4) Standing in a private bedroom with arms held out and holding something for an extended period of time
  • 5) Silence (not allowed to talk to anyone)
  • 6) Separation (not allowed to talk to or look at a specific person)
  • 7) Isolation (allowed to talk to and look at no one without permission, which you won't get unless it's a staff member)

In the news

  • In 2013 the facility was raided [3]. Legal procedures can be complicated and the case was closed without a court case [4] Later the school was allowed to open again [5]

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