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Island View is placed 2650 West 2700 South, Syracuse, Utah 84075 and it has room for 113 detainees [1].

It did open in 1996

It is owned by Aspen Education Group.

Program structure

According a report from the State of Utah the facility is a lockdown. There is very little interacting with the local community [2]

It is an intense program with only 10 minutes private time during the day.

During a week a detainee has be endure group therapy sessions lasting about 90 minutes 5 times per week. When the parents are not visiting they have family therapy by phone if the family visits the visit is used for face-to-face family therapy. Beside those two activities each teenager also get an individual therapy session once per week.

Living conditions

Each detainee share a room with 1 to 3 other teenagers. The rooms are grouped in units, which can detain 16 teenagers.

While the facility detains boths boys and girls, the two gender-groups have very limited contact to each other.


The detained teenagers can be put of speaking restriction if they are bonding closely with certain detainees instead of just loose communication with their group in general. Close friendships are consider damaging for the "therapy".

They also have something called "Yellow Zone". While being put on "Yellow zone" the detainees are only allowed the use of restroom and to eat. The rest of time has to be spent in silence in a chair [3].

In the news

In 2002 SF Weekly published a story of how the majority of teenagers detained at behaivor modification facility are victims of divorce battles. This particular story involved Island View used as private detention by one of the parents in an attempt to disturbe the justice system. From the article [4]:

"The department is disturbed that it discovered the father had made arrangements with the Island View Residential Treatment Center to have the minor Alanna admitted on the day of this hearing. Particularly as the minor does not exhibit any signs of psychotic behavior, is not presenting in a manner that is an [sic] danger to herself or others ...."

Sadly this story is not unique.

In 2004 a 16 year old boy hanged himself at the facility. The facility promised to conduct an evaluation [5]

In 2007 a 15 year old girl dissapeared on the way back to the facility when she had been on a home visit. This troubled news came of two death had occured at two other programs owned by Aspen Education Group - Aspen Achievement Academy and Youth Care. The girls was later found in San Francisco after she had remained on the flight instead of the getting of in Utah where the guards from the lockdown facility waited for her [6]. Even though it firmst remained uncertain if her family wants her or her life will thrown away in either this lockdown or one of the other facilites owned by this corporation [7], an article stated that her parents had agreed not to banish her back to the facility [8]. However in a thread on the Fornits message board in 2009 it was releaved that they did it and that she was detained for another 9 months [9].

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