Jegindø Efterskole, Danmark

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Jegindø Efterskole was a continuation school located in the hamlet of Jegindø [1]

It was founded around 2005. It did exist for 5 years [2]

Program structure


They did offer education for normal functioning students with limited reading skills at form 8 to form 10 according to the guidelines from the department of education in Denmark.


May 2010 the education provided at the school was critized by a number of persons among them former teachers and managers [3]. It was reported that the school year 2008-9 had been marked by a lot of changes. They had 5 manager, 11 staff changes and 30 students who have left the school [3].

The school closed July 2010 [4]. The main reason was a change in policy among the department of social services in Denmark where resources have been moved from residential treatment to treatment in the local community to increase the quality of the treatment [5]

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