Julian Youth Academy campus neglect case

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November 2011 a mummified body of a newborn baby was found in a laundry basket on the campus of Julian Youth Academy, which is now known as River View Christian Academy as result of this case.

A staff member named Jessica Nicole Bradford has been charged with charged with murder, child abuse and a related enhancement [1]

The mother had been a resident in the behavior modification program Julian Youth Academy offer, before she returned as a staff worker. She had worked there for about three or four years [1].

The Mother's mental state

It is unclear whether the prosecution will insist on a psychiatric evaluation of the mothers mental state or they will go directly to trial trying to offer her a plea deal. The mother could face life in prison if convicted.

While she was forced to attend the academy she was warned against relationship before marriage. In most Christian programs they blame the girls if they have been molested by adults. It is not known why the mother was sent to Julian Youth Academy but they are known for taking girls in who engage in relationships parent don't want them to. The kind of so-called therapy she received during her stay in the program must have led to believe that the newborn was an enemy sent by the devil trying to lure her of her Christian lifestyle and as result of her belief she neglected the child by not feeding the newborn daughter.

There have been other cases where mothers who give birth to daughters will see to that the life of the baby end soon in order to prevent the child from becoming a victim and going through the same ordeal they went through.

A psychiatric evaluation of the mother would properly provide the answers to why she did choose not to feed the child. However it is up to the prosecution whether they will offer that kind of money on this case.


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