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Checked February 14, 2012

Kanonen "The cannon" near the town of Randers in Jutland is a group home.

The facility are licensed according the Danish law.

The targetgroup is youth aged between 12 and 18, but a stay can be extended for young adult up to 23 years of age.

The youth referred to the facility by the authorities can be:

  • At-risk youth having committed small crimes
  • At-risk youth, who are drug- or alcohol abuser.
  • At-risk youth, who have no limits or have anti-social behavior.

Program structure


  • Being restrained by staff
  • Being forced to sit on a chair for hours without being allowed to move [1].


Even by Danish standards they are not cheap. A single person did cost DKK 165.000 (About 25.000 dollars per month) [2]. WWASP takes about the same amount.

In the News

An article a newspaper described how the facility operated in 2007 [3]. The purpose of the intake was to address the lack of buying into the treatment by use of force. A similar kind of physical restraint is also used at Peninsula Village - Tennessee, who sponsors some facilities in Denmark.

They also use a kind of observement placement originate from WWASP, where the child has to sit up to 15 hours without moving. This tactic seems similar to the conditions told by survivors of Casa by the Sea. See this article (Forced to sit for 15 hours in a chair)

On April 17 the town council of Favrskov Kommune decide to investigate claims of abuse and unlawful free work on the staff members private properties [4].

Due to a new organization of the public system in 2007, the responsability of supervising the facility were given to the small town of Favrskov, where the facility is a large employer. February 2008 it was reported that there was no longer reason for further investigation [5].

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