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This category consist of behavior modification programs in China.

Since the goverment in China turned towards western economy, a raise of problems among youth have occured.

Today the hot topic is Internet Addiction Disorder. A recent study (2008) indicated that 13.7% of Chinese adolescents—roughly 10 million people—met the diagnostic criterion for Internet addiction.

This had led to a number of treatment methods where China is in the front worldwide. Treatment methods like the use of electroshock treatment has been banned. However the issue is still under debate [1]

July 2009 a boy died during a stay in a boot camp for his problem. However the approach the staff used were normal compared to boot camps for juveniles elsewhere [2].

November 2009 the government banned the remaining available treatment methods when they banned physical punishment [3]

Despite having banned every known treatment method of Internet Addiction Disorder, Boot Camps continue to exist. A number of teenagers trying to escape such a camp in June 2010 were caught by the police and returned to the camp [4]

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