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Continuation schools in Denmark were designed for at-risk teenagers from the 8th to the 10th form [1].


The danish bard, poet, educational thinker, politician and clergyman - N.F.S. Grundtvig (1789-1872) - was the founder and visionary genius of the Folkehøjskole movement, but it was most notably Kristen Kold (1816-1870) who transformed Grundtvig's visionary ideas into educational practice.

While Grundtvig intended the Folkehøjskoles to be for adults, Kold wanted to reach the young people when they entered puberty. Thus Kold's first school, founded at Ryslinge in 1851, was for young farmhands, and this school is recognised as the first Efterskole.


For many years it was not possible to take the public final examinations at the continuation schools but in 1975 the law was changed so it became possible.

New schools were founded and development like hip-hop and gangster rap meant that ordinary teenagers voluntary began to seek the continuations school in order to appear tough among peers [2].

However, there were still cult-like movements involved in this business and during the last 10 years the government in Denmark have tried to prevent cult-like movements to remain etablished in this business. One of the larger movements are the Tvind movement which is documentated on Rickross [3].

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