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This category consist of articles about facilities and methods used in relationship with behavior modification, which are placed or used in Denmark.

Various headlines in Danish newspapers

See main article Headlines from the Danish media

Organizations/Links in Denmark

  • Børns vilkår (Conditions of children - watch organization) Dk8.gif
  • Godhavnsdrengene (The boys from the facility Godhavn) Organization of former victims Dk8.gif
  • Baglandet (Help for adults, who suffers from placement outside home during their childhood) Dk8.gif
  • Embedsværket Blog consisting of critical articles about the social services in Denmark Dk8.gif
  • Den tungeste arv, webpage, blog and message board Dk8.gif
  • Aktive Bedste foraeldre Grandparents against placement in the foster care system Dk8.gif
  • Tvangsanbragt Laws and headlines covering removal of children from their parents Dk8.gif

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