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The first existence of Large Group Awareness Training in the behavivor modification industry is generally recognized to have taken place at CEDU [1]. Some sources claim that the founder of CEDU - Wasserman - purchased the right to use the Lifesping curriculum at CEDU in a altered form targeted against the teenage agegroup.

In the late 1980's WWASP surfaced and they too used Large Group Awareness Training as a part of their treatment.

When CEDU collapsed in 2005 due to various lawsuits, employees founded their own programs. This category will include names of programs which use Large Group Awareness Training in their program and a description of structure and exercises.

The risk of the sessions running out of hand and turn into psychodrama is always present unless such sessions are managed by an experienced and licensed therapist.

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  1. Ever unconventional, long controversial, By Keith Chu, Bend Bulletin, November 15. 2009

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