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Level systems are one of the two most used methods in the process of behavior modification by youth. The other is Positive Peer Pressure.

The number of levels differ by each type of facility, but the basiss are that the detained teenagers arrive with no right to anything and have to earn them by either etablish some kind of confession of a sin or crime, which can satisfy the staff or earn a higher level by work.

One of the earliest example of a level system is the 4 level system used in the Roloff Homes.

A more modern system with 6 levels are used at various WWASP facilities.

At most facilities using level systems, the detained teenagers get to be junior staff and earn posibility to punish detainees on lower levels.

The dangers of level systems are:

  • False confessions
  • Doing the program just to pass demands for the next levels rather than learning something which can last after the program.
  • Powertrips against new arrivals in the level system.

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