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In 1971 Bob Meehan, allegedly a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict, co-founded the Palmer Drug Abuse Program of Houston, Texas to treat teen addicts [1].

PDAP received national attention in 1979 when People's Magazine did a story on Carol Burnett's daughter Carrie Hamilton who was being treated for addiction at Palmer. In 1984 Meehan wrote the book Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: Our Children and Drugs the foreword of which is written by comedian Tim Conway. Today Bob Meehan presides over ICECAP--International Coalition of Enthusiastic Chemical Abuse Programs, an affiliation of treatment programs in Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, North Carolina, and Missouri [1].

Reputedly, Bob Meehan is the self-proclaimed "Father of Drug Intervention." According to the page Meehan also operates a nonprofit, tax-exempt counselor training program under the name Meehan Institute which charges about $4000.00 per person for his 6-8 week course [1].

The following programs were recorded as belonging in the category of Meehan programs [2]:

  • The Meehan Institute (counselor training program)
  • Meek Publishing
  • ClintStonebraker.com
  • The Insight Program--Atlanta, Augusta, GA
  • The Insight Program--Greensboro, NC
  • The Crossroads Program--St. Louis County, Columbia, Kansas City, MO
  • The Cornerstone Program--Westminster. Centennial, CO
  • Pathway Drug Abuse Program--Tempe, Glendale, AZ
  • Step Two Recover Center--Gilbert, AZ
  • Step One Halfway House--Tempe, AZ
  • Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP)--1970-1980
  • HIH Hospital * Houston Area TX--until 1980
  • Freeway * California--closed in 1986
  • Sober Live-In Center (SLIC Ranch) * California--closed (dates needed)
  • Bob Meehan and Associates (BMA)-- status unknown
  • Families Against Drugs * California--closed (date needed)
  • Good Company * California--closed
  • The Source * California--closed
  • Arizona Drug Abuse Program * Phoenix Area, AZ--closed
  • Sober Live-In Center (SLIC Ranch) * Az--closed
  • Texas Yellow Rose Ranch * Dallas, TX--closed
  • JCA/Lifeway * Dallas, Houston--1986-1992
  • JCA * Chicago Area, IL--closed
  • JCA * St. Louis County, MO--closed
  • Legacy * Chicago Area Illinois--closed
  • Forum Hospital * Ellisville, MO--closed
  • Carrington Academy * Ellisville, MO--closed
  • Breakaway * Victoria, Sault Ste Marie, Elliot Lake, Canada--closed
  • Lifeway * SanAntonio, Austin TX--closed
  • The Retreat * California--closed
  • Physicians Regional Hospital * Wylie, TX--closed
  • Forest Springs Hospital * HoustonArea, TX--1989-1991
  • Orchard Springs Hospital * Houston Area, TX--closed
  • PIA Hospital * Houston, TX--1991
  • Charter Hospital * Glendale, Chandler, AZ--closed
  • Satellite Recovery Centers (SRC) * Tempe, Glendale, AZ--became Pathway
  • Alpha/Peers Coffee Shop * Greeley, Colorado--closed

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