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Roloff homes are special kind of behavior modification facilities based on an alternative version of Christian love and empathy. This category consist of info-pages about the facilities, persons in relationship with the movement around the founder Lester Roloff and significant events.

The known list of Roloff Homes are[1]

After the founder died, some of the staff members created new facilities more or less following the same basics as the original homes. See the category: Independent Roloff based facilities


The first Roloff Homes were created around the late 1950's. Here are some date: First Men's Home (1958), First Women's Home (1960's), Rebekah Girls Home (1968) [2]

They were located in several states. It was places like Corpus Christi, TX; Petal, MS; Belton, MO; Pace, FL; North Carolina; Tennessee.

Some of them could detain large number of detainess - up to 300 in Rebekah alone. They were/are gender separated. Sex depended on home

They were founded by the Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises. This company was founded by Lester Roloff.

The program lasts at least one year.

Program structure

Level system

There are 4 levels. New Girl, Regular, Room Captain, Helper

Living conditions

3 girls per room, 2 rooms per bathroom, clean in dorm, but food had issues.

Communication policy

No communication with parents for 30 days, no unmonitored communication in or out by mail or phone. Visits of 2 days at 6 months and 1 year if deamed appropriate. Any inappropriate communication was marked out with permanent ink before letters were mailed, if you said wrong thing on phone, phone call was dropped, parents letters were withheld so that staff could convince girls their families did not care about them.


Non Accreditted Pace Education Diplomas not valid.

Staff training, misc.

  • No trained staff.
  • Not State regulated.
  • No medical care or medications allowed unless given by homes, but never under doctor care.


  • Corporal Punishment
  • Lock-up, forced to hold stress positions for hours, etc.
  • Quoting from Bible 1 hour per day, sermons played during sleep, brainwashing, verbal and emotional abuse.

External Links

Info pages

Survivor groups

Message boards


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