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Teen Challenge is a nationwide used concept for at-risk teenagers.

The purpose of this program is to make the teenagers surrender to God [1]

There used to be a number of facilities using this concept spread out all over the country, but a number of them has been reported as closed by the Human rights organization HEAL-online [2]

This list was compiled October, 2010:

  • Teen Challenge of Alaska, closed [2]
  • Teen Challenge in Washington DC, closed [2]
  • Teen Challenge in Tarpon Springs, Arcadia, and Oviedo, Florida ,closed [2]
  • Teen Challenge in Athens, Carrollton, Douglasville, Augusta, Bremen, Lithonia, and Stone Mountain, Georgia, closed [2]
  • Teen Challenge in Rockaway, New Jersey, closed [2]
  • Teen Challenge in Hendersonville, Tennessee, closed [2]
  • Teen Challenge in Rudolph, Wisconsin, closed [2]
  • Teen Challenge in Kansas City, Missouri, open


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