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The project house "Løjetvej" is a group home in Denmark located in a wood near the Danish town Nakskov [1]

The program is owned by the town of Naestved on Sealand.

The program is targeted at the most violent youth aged up to 18.

Program structure

Intro phase

The youth are visited at one of the secure juvenile facilities in Denmark where they are interviewed about their wishes and interests.

The first week is spend alone with a staff member until he or she is joined by the team leader. [2]

The length of the stay is between 6 to 12 months. When they are released, they are sent to a less stricter program or home. According to the material several have been sent home.


They are either school at the facility or in a local school once they have earned this privilege. They can earn the privilege to a job in the community.


According an article in the newspaper Metroexpress, a leading staff member wanted one of the youth to lubricate him on his back. As a boy agreed to the task, it obviously led to a more intimate situation and the boy felt that he had to leave the room. [3]

The city of Naestved, which have the oversight of the facility published a press release in defense of the facility [4]

Reports from a local newspapers speaks of use of alcohol among staff [5]

The minister of welfare would have to answer quistions because the issues in the facility have become a subject in the Danish parliament [6]

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