LaBrew Troopers Military University School

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LaBrew Troopers Military University School is a Charter school located in 4055 North 34th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It serves children from kindergarten to eight grade.

Program structure


Due to lack of founding the children has to work without light on in the classrooms [1]

At LaBrew Troopers Military University School, which was housed this year in a former Catholic high school downtown, children in one classroom were working with the lights off

The daylight coming in through windows was adequate, but the principal, Shirley McCarty, said the school was so short of money that it needed to get by with the lights out to hold down utility bills.


A teacher was arrested on a charge of abuse. An article states that the warrant says police confiscated three "paddles," one of them a 14-inch piece of wood labeled "hall pass," and arrested Owens [2]. It was his second child abuse case. However as in the case before, he was aquitted.

Financial questions made the school close March 9, 2009 [3]

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