La Martiniere for Boys

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La Martiniere for Boys is boarding school in Kolkata, West Bengal, India [1]

There is also a boarding school for girls located across the street.


Daily Schedule

Time Activity Time Activity
05:30 Rising Bell 13:25 Lunch
05:45 Chota Hazri 15:00-16:00 Prerp.
05:55 - 06:25 P.T 16:00 Tea
07:00 - 07:30 Prep. 16:10-17:00 Games
07:30 Breakfast 18:00-19:20 Prerp.
08:00-08:15 Assembly / Inspection 19:30 Dinner
08:15-08:20 Class Teacers Period 20:00-21:00 Prep.
08:20-11:00 Classes 21:00 Roll Call
11:00-11:20 Break 21:30 Lights Out
11:20-13:20 Classes


Early 2010 a 13 year old boys hanged himself while on a home-pass [2]. A Facebook group was created with the purpose to prove that the suicide was result of harassment from the principal [3]

This facility used
corporal punishment

June 2010 the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has ruled that Rouvanjit Rawla was driven to suicide by La Martiniere [4]

October 2010 the principal and three teachers were arrested with a charge of abetment of suicide of a class VIII. They were granted bail [5]

The investigation further revealed that there had been use of corporal punishment regardless that it has been outlawed [6]. June 18 the school’s board of governors decided to obey the law 10 years after the Supreme Court banned it [7].

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