Liahona Academy

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Liahona Academy is a behavior modificaty facility marketed as a therapeutic boarding school.

The address stated in the enrollment agreement is 543 N Bluff St, St George, Washington, Utah 84770, United States, but the video on their webpage shows a track field and a red fence, which is not to be located on a satellite photo. It remains a question where they detain the teenagers.

An article in Daily Herald state that the facility is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

A record by the government of Utah states the address as 1015 east Highway 9 Virgin, Utah 84779.

According to the same records the owner is Clay Ahquin.

The facility can detain 35 male teenagers aged 12 - 17.

Program Structure


The enrollment agreement states that all communication the first 3 months must be written only. If the teenager has progressed in the program, the staff can allow phone calls to the family only. The first visits are on campus only and the number and duration is being determined by the staff. Home visit can take place once the teenager has achieved a certain point in the program determined by the staff.


The education is almost entirely done alone on a computer. Harsh remarks about actually paying salery to teachers to ensure quality education and increasing funds for library / media needs have been stated in a visitation report.

= Consequences

The enrollement agreement allows the staff to isolate the teenager from the generation population of detained teenagers. The enrollment agreement does not state for how long this isolation can last.

The enrollment agreement also allows the staff to restrain the teenager.

In the News

The facility is mentioned in relationship with their involvement of faith in connection with behavior modification [3].


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