Lillevangsgaard, Denmark

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Lillevangsgaard is retreat for 6 persons aged 13-23. It is founded by Soeren Lynge - a coach and later educated.

It is located near the town of Ballerup in Denmark [1].

They can be referred to the facility by either the authorties or the parents.

Program structure


  • Youth of opposite sex cannot sleep together
  • Visits from friends are very limited and by each visit the youth have to obtain a permission.
  • No use of mobilephones during meals.
  • Rooms have to cleaned every day
  • No use of alcohol or drugs
  • All appointment are to be kept.
  • No smoking inside
  • When being allowed overnight outside the campus, address and phonenumber of both youth and parents have to be known.
  • All are given an area to clean and day with kitchenchores.

Living conditions

Each youth live in his or her own room. They share four bathrooms. There are free access to kichen, living room, terrace, fitnesscenter, dancing room and garden. There are access to TV, internet, phone and laundry.

However the entire campus is surrounded by a high fence like they use at embassies and the access is monitored by both electronic security and cameras.


The cost is 50,000 DKK per months.


The youth aged 13 to 17 lives on the facility, but other can be referred to an independent living program in an appartment on the campus or out in the city if the authorities agrees to pay for it.


Beside the group home, the founder also runs a hotline for girls with various problems called, a shop selling this work (books and DVD with lectures).

In the news

Several experts - among them the social worker Tine Bryld, the psychologists Ida Koch and Bo Møhl - criticize the aproach taken in the treatment of vulnerable teenagers [2]. As they point out the facility is marketed as a fix for all to many problems.


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