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Living Water Refuge is a behavior modification facility located in Hartville, Missouri.

It is described as a funtamentalist Baptist boarding school.

The owners - Phillip and Kare Lanzini - have worked for Agape Boarding School before they started their own facility.

The status of the program is unknown due to the fact that the webpage is no longer functioning.

The last known address is 7095 N Highway E, Hartville, Missouri 65667

Program structure

The rules for the detainees among others include [1]:

  • For at least the first month, the boys wear a white robe and socks.
  • They have to "earn their way" out of the robe.
  • Brother Lanzini sleeps in the room with the boys.


Parents aren't "allowed" to speak to their sons for the first 30 days and can't visit for at least 6 months. During that first visit, the kids can't leave the grounds of Living Water Refuge.

Incoming/outgoing mail is read by the staff and "negative mail may not be delivered."


This facility use(d) corporal punishment

Approved discipline includes "flogging."


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