Lovelight, Romania

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Checked September 27, 2010

Lovelight Romania was a foster home in Arad, Romania.

It was started by the Danes Hanne and Erik Terp in 1994.

The facility were meant to support children diagnosed with HIV with housing and education.

Today there is another organization in Romania operating under the name of Lovelight. It seems that it is not connected to the previous management.

In the news

  • In 1999 the Danish Europemission, which were finansing the program, visisted the facility. According to their report the founders agreed that corporal punishment were used on the children. The Danish Europemisson stopped the finansing as result of the visit. [1]
  • In a television program on the Danish Television Channel TV2 a couple of former employees stated that they saw the corporal punishment of the children at the facility. [2]
  • In November 2000 the athorities in Romania arrested the couple on charges of child abuse. They were later acquitted in court, because the state could not prove that the corporal punishment used at the facility was ordered by the couple. [3][4]

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