Lundby Efterskole

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 100
Checked February 13, 2011
Open.gif Opened 2002

Lundby Efterskole is a continuation school in Denmark located in the village Lundby near town Vordingborg [1].

Program structure

Daily schedule

There is no schedule published on the website, but the teenagers are forced to run a couple of miles before breakfast. After dinner they have to remain quiet in their rooms where they are expected to focus on homework.

Living standards

The teenagers live in rooms which they can share with up to three other teenagers of the same gender. Most have only one roommate.


In general the education offered is on the same level as the public schools are. Such facilities have to meet standards by the department of education in Denmark. They offer form 9 and 10 equal to the public schools in Denmark.

The teenagers attending the facility can choose between 5 branches with focus on special areas like: Sports, Outdoor, Music, Performance and Horses.


The rules regarding cell-phones are not published on the website, but the students are forced to remain at the facility for 2 weekends per school year.

Drop-out rate

School year # of student Dropped out School year # of student Dropped out
2002/2003 77 36 2007/2008 90 8
2003/2004 83 22 2008/2009 94 22
2004/2005 85 18 2009/2010 99 9
2005/2006 86 16 2010/2011 100
2006/2007 87 11


The teenagers are expected to clean the facility [2] It is not stated how the facility is securing that the laws covering the area are upheld [3].

The teenagers are also expected to work in the kitchen for a week [2]


In 2003 9 teenagers were expelled for drug use [4]

In 2009 the teenagers were exposed to a political stunt where they had to live as refugees for a week to create awareness of some human aid campaign targeted at poor people in Africa [5]

February 2011 a boat belonging to the facility capsized at the sea. 13 teenagers and 2 teacher went into the water which were near freezing temperature. All but a teacher were rescued, however 2 days later 6 teenagers were in critical condition [6]

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