Magleby efterskole, Denmark

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Magleby Efterskole is a continuation school located in the village Bagenkop in Denmark [1]

Program structure


They have a lot of time set up for cleaning. The department responsible of security in workspaces created clear rules regarding the standards of the teenagers partipation in cleaning chores [2].

They are:

  • Daily cleaning of the room where the teenager sleeps
  • 1 weekly watch cleaning floors and dusting lasting 1 hours maximum.
  • 1 weekly watch cleaning the rest of the school. It is clearly a demand that all teenagers on participate equally. No teenager must endure a higher amount of chores.
  • Partipation in cooking assignment must be done with a teacher or kitchen staff supervising.

At Magleby Efterskole a total of 2 hours are reserved for cleaning chores, but as the text on their homepage state a larger number of hours are used up to holidays making the totally amount higher than the allowed number of hours [3].

In the news

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