Magleby efterskole, Denmark

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Magleby Efterskole is a continuation school located in the village Bagenkop in Denmark [1]

The capacity is 66 teenagers.

It was founded in 2001.

Program structure

Daily life

Each day start at 07:15 with breakfast. Classes, break, lunch and various activities last until 16:00, where the teenagers have some free personal time. Dinner is at 17:30. They have a quiet hour between 18:15 and 19:15. 21:15 they have a coffee/the followed by cleaning chores. Lights out are 23:00.

Most weekends they can leave for home friday afternoon. They have to return to the facility Sunday evening.


The facility discourage parents to supply the children with food as they experiment a food program.

The also recommend to act as they listen to their child, whenever the child contacts the parents in order to get pulled, but the state that the parents should remain firm regarding being banished from the home for the entire schoolyear. They want to be informed if a child are trying to manipulate the parents to pull the individual [2], which is against the advice given at parent help pages [3].

Living conditions

The teenagers live in two dorms. Each room can contain 2 or 3 teenagers.


The education offered is regulated by the Danish department of Education. Their speciality is teaching youth with difficulties. They offer a number of elective subjects.


They have a lot of time set up for cleaning. The department responsible of security in workspaces created clear rules regarding the standards of the teenagers partipation in cleaning chores [4].

They are:

  • Daily cleaning of the room where the teenager sleeps
  • 1 weekly watch cleaning floors and dusting lasting 1 hours maximum.
  • 1 weekly watch cleaning the rest of the school. It is clearly a demand that all teenagers on participate equally. No teenager must endure a higher amount of chores.
  • Partipation in cooking assignment must be done with a teacher or kitchen staff supervising.

At Magleby Efterskole a total of 2 hours are reserved for cleaning chores, but as the text on their homepage state a larger number of hours are used up to holidays making the totally amount higher than the allowed number of hours [5].


During the year they are offered one week of training as intern in various firms. They also have a trip abroad lasting a week.

In the news

In 2005 they expelled 14 out of 66 teenagers for drug use [6]

In 2008 they expelled 3 teenagers for drug use adding the number of teenagers expelled up to 5 for the schoolyear 2007/08 [7]

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