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|[ Youth Liberation Foundation]
|[ Youth Liberation Foundation]
|[ On the Emmis - a site for survivors of Meehan programs]
|[ Boarding School Survivors - United Kingdom]
|[ Freedom From Abuse Network]
|[ Freedom From Abuse Network]
|[ The troubled Teen Industry]
|[ The troubled Teen Industry]

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Welcome to the backup page of Fornits Wiki. This webpage is placed in Denmark, which is a country wellknown all over the entire world as a country protecting the right of free speech.

This Wiki database contains information about programs for people under 18, which have used abusive methods against the children detained in their program or are under investigation by the Fornits web-forum of abuse. This is a copy only created to keep the informaiton available when supporters of censorship try to hit the master database. The original Wiki can be found here. Both as staff, relative and survivor of a program you are welcome to discuss the contents. Please use the talk pages or create a new thread on a message board so you can place a link to the page from the message board you choose

A number of categories have been created to make it easier to find the facilities or firms.
General category
Behavior Modification History - Program History, from Synanon all the way to second generation CEDU clones (Not completed) Program directory - General program directory (Not completed)
Therapeutic Community & Synanon History Behavior modification in the media
Program types
Wilderness Therapy Therapeutic Boarding School Boot Camp
Teen Escort Company Education Consultants Roloff Homes - Christian Foster homes with an alternative approach to Christian love and empathy
World wide Listed in state categories
Large companies / associations
If a facility is a part of a larger company or member of association, there also exist categories for those.
Aspen Education Group WWASP CEDU - Most entries in this category are historical.
The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) Universal Health Services, Inc. - owns former CEDU programs
Persons in the industry Alternatives to placements
Also persons worth mentioning in relationship with the industry (so people can put a name of a face in their nightmare) have a category. Please put only career etc. on the page and get rid of your personal attitude on the discussion page. They are so welcome there. See: Persons Alternative solutions

Organizations watching the behavior modification industry
International Survivor Action Committee (ISAC) HEAL-online Community Alliance For the Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY)
Fight Institutional Child Abuse Network Authorized Abuse Youth Liberation Foundation
Boarding School Survivors - United Kingdom Freedom From Abuse Network The troubled Teen Industry
End Child Abuse Now speak of Dreams The FICA Network Blog
Stop Child profiteering Secret prisons for teens blog (in Danish) Dk8.GIF hurleygurley’s posterous
Inside these forums opinions both for and against would be put into argument. Please notice that some of the people have been hurt and tormented during their stay, so please do not feel offended by some of the statements.
Bethel Academy Abuse Group, Yahoo groups End Institutional Abuse Wiki Fighting Institutional Child Abuse Network (
Fight Institutional Child Abuse Group, Yahoo Groups Fornits Forums for All Teen Programs Kids of Bergen County and North Jersey Forum
Straight Inc. Alumni Group, Google groups Struggling Teens & Parents Forum Anti-WWASP message board
Community groups
Facebook group: Dont Send Your Kid Away


Please be organized, or help organize cluttered information. If you don't know how to use a wiki, or don't know what a wiki is... google it.