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This facility is currently being investigated by the fornits Webforum
U.S. Department of State - warning against such facilities abroad

Manuia Plantation is new program on Samoa. According to the homepage the owners calls it "a therapeutic, high impact, indigenous intervention for adolescent boys, 13-18 yrs old."

Not very much is known about the program. Two persons have been identified in connection with the program:

In the news

August 2007 users on Fornits began to investigate the program in order to find out whether the program had connection to WWASP, which had operated Paradise Cove on the Island some years before. The investigation showed that the structure of the program does not match the jail programs, WWASP use.

September 2007 another investigation started into the whereabouts of Steve Cartisano, because the former owner of the Challenger wilderness program known for the deaths of detainees in their care, had operated a program called Pacific Coast Academy in the same town around year 2000. Steve Cartisano is known for not using his own name after being banned from operating programs in the States. The investigation has not shown whether he has something to do with the program or not.


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