Mellerup Efterskole, Denmark

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Mellerup Efterskole is a continuation school located near the town of Randers in Denmark [1].

The capacity is 124 teenagers - 62 boys and 62 girls.

Program structure

Living conditions

The teenagers are living in a co-educational dorms but in single sex rooms. There are 2 or 4 teenagers in each room.


The curriculum is regulated by the Danish department of education. They offer form 9th and 10th. They offer a number of elective subjects.

The education stops about 15:00 on Fridays and the teenagers can leave for home. They have to be back at the facility at 22:00 on Sundays.

On 7 weekends each shoolyear the teenagers have to stay at the facility for the entire weekend.


They have to clean their own room and participate in cleaning chores around the facility for about 2.5 hours per week. A few times per year they have to participate in a spring cleaning.

They are assigned to kitchen chores for about 2 weeks per school year.

According to a recent regulation by the authorities it is doubtful whether chores can be used as punishment [2].

Use of toccaco

According to law number 512 of June 6 2007 - §7 subparagraph 2 [3], they have created two rooms for teachers and the teenagers, who are using tobacco because adults and juveniles are not allowed to smoke in the same room.


Unlike the conditions in the society it is not allowed for the youth to drink alcohol on the campus.


Teenagers who use drugs are in general expelled, but a recent incident raises the question whether this rule is followed in every case.

In the news

March 2008 3 teenagers were expelled due to drug use. 20 admitted to have smoked the drugs at some point and were sent home to their parents but were not expelled. They had to return to the facility later with their parents for a talk [4]. It is almost certain that the teenagers, who were expelled was denied of access to independent counseling while being questioned which raises concern [5]. One of the teenagers sold drugs but was not reported to the police by the school administration.

An article in the local newspaper describe how the teenagers were prevented to contact their parents for legal advice and that the staff searched each room and even destroyed some property during this search [6]. Among the teenagers, who were expelled was the son of a wellknown Danish artist. Sources tell that the smoking of pot has been a common incident the previous years [7].


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