Midwest Center for Youth and Families

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Checked December 31, 2011

Midwest Center for Youth and Families is marketed as a residential treatment center. It is suspected to be a behavior modification facility.

It is located in Kouts, Indiana [1]

Program Structure

The program use a level system. There are 5 levels [2].

Level name Description
1 residents are expected to complete their admission packets and orient themselves to their unit, classroom, and expectations. In this level residents may earn 30 minutes of incentive time. They are not allowed off campus privileges for 30 days within admission and typically do not earn passes.
2 The resident should begin to demonstrate core skills learned in groups and skills training sessions as well as demonstrate at least a minimum of peer mentoring behavior. Level 2 residents may apply for short therapeutic passes with family members and are eligible for off campus activities.  
3 Expectations are higher as residents should have advanced in their treatment and increased the intensity of their specific treatment interventions.  Residents on level 3 may earn up to 12 hour passes and may enjoy a full hour of incentive time.  
4 Residents earn a full hour of incentive time, and are eligible for overnight passes and off campus activities
5 Residents who achieve this level have completed all of their treatment modules, have had regular,successful, home passes (or placement interviews) and serve as peer mentors. They earn an hour and a half of incentive time among other privileges.


Are the first couple of weeks each resident have 10 minutes of phone time. Those achieve most points get the first phone time. Visitation is allowed but monitored by the staff [2].

External Links

Info pages


  1. The facility on Google Maps
  2. 2,0 2,1 Parent Handbook, homepage of the facility