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This page consist of a list of youth who have dissapeared from a program. Whether they are dead or living under a different identity is not known. Dates of disappearances is not accurate as most programs wont report escaped because they wan't to avoid bad press.

They settle the lawsuits in private with the parents instead.

Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to get parents and relative knowledge that their son or daughter is alive. Children should be with their parents instead of living on the streets or being placed outside the family unit.

The length of the victim list over children who have lost their lives either during the program or after are too long already.

Cases between 1970 and 1979

Name Age Program Date Status
Rosa Lena Cole 15 or 16 Synanon Sometime between
1972 and 1973
Still missing. No lifesigns since shortly before her 18'th birthday [1]
Jerry Vancil ? Straight, Inc 1977 Vanished before being able to witness in a case of violence inside the program [2]

Cases between 1990 and 1999

Name Age Program Date Status
John Christopher Inman 17 (1993) CEDU January 16, 1993 Disappeared from campus [3]
Blake Wade Pursley 14 (1994) CEDU Around June 1994 No positive sighting. Family believe that he was abducted off campus [4]

Cases after year 2000

Name Age Program Date Status
Daniel Yuen 16 (2004) CEDU Around 2004 Perhaps sighted around San Francisco [5][6]
Thomas Glendye 17 (2005) Academy at Swift River August 15, 2005 Removed from NCMEC October 2005 - unknown cause [7]
Gage Duane Gersema 16 (2009) Phoenix Outdoor Program July 5, 2009 Escaped the outdoor program together with two other detainees. Remains free while the other two were captured [8]. Police records show that he managed to return home.
Thomas Victor Riley 17 (2009) CALO - Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks‎ July 7, 2009 Ran away during a planned visit from his grandmothers off-campus in the local community near the facility [9]
Jennifer Michael 16 (2009) CALO - Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks‎ August 30, 2009 Walked off campus [10]She was found safe not far from the facility [11]
Zachery Warren Eveland 17 (2009) Hyde Schools October 10,2009 Went missing from the campus [12]
Chanel Mare 17 (2010) Circle of Hope Girls Ranch‎ April 21, 2010 Went missing from the campus just short of graduation [13]. Found safe by her family [14]

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