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Mission Mountain School is a behavior modification facility marketed as a therapeutic boarding school for girls located in Condon, Montana (Missoula County. The facility is located at the end of Guest Ranch Road some miles north of the city.

The target group is girls aged between 13 and 18.


The length of the program is stated to be 12 to 22 months.

Level system

There are four levels:

The lowest level is called the mouse phase. It lasts a few days and the goal is to adjust the detainee to a life without the previous freedom.

Level number two is the Coyote phase. It deals with personal issues and the detainee has to learn skills needed for survival and comfort in the wilderness.

Level three is called Buffalo phase. The detainee has to work on community and family issues. Teamwork is involved, which some seems to think that it would be a very difficult concept for children with low self-esteem to grasp.

The forth and final phase is called Eagle. It focuses on Leadership.

The program focus on physique. The detainees has to run in a single file. There are a no talking rule when running from one destination to another.


If the staff suspects a conspiracy (someone being sneaky or planning to run) they will issue an "intervention". Intervention is a period of intense physical work, reduced sleep, stricter rules and more intense group therapy. During an intervention there would have very strict inspections of the work of the detainees, work all day in the hot sun, and if someone was resistant, or they didn’t pass inspection, the detainees would be ordered to start the day over again. This method is used to “break” down the defenses of the detainees so they would confess to their sins.

An account described that an intervention could last 22 days

Another punishment is to be placed on a stump in the middle of the campus for hours until she breaks down by being surrounded by all but unable to talk to them.


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