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Montana Academy is a behavior modification facility located on a sideroad to Lost Prairie Road called Provence Lane. Nearest town is Kalispell.

The program last about 18 to 24 months, but the length of the program depends of how fast the teenager subjects to the program.

It was founded in 1997.

They are able to detain 70 teenagers of both genders.

Program structure


The demand that the teenager arrive in a somewhat broken state by a requirement of a wilderness course participation before enrolling.

Level structure

They use a level structure. The detained teenagers are divided up in clans.

When teenagers arrive they are sent to the Earth clan. Next Clan is Moon clan. Third is named Sun clan, forth Star clan and finally the Sky clan.



The communication between the parents and the detained teenagers consist of a monitored phonecall once a week when the teenager is a part of the Earth and Moon clan.

Once the detained teenagers have been broken down and are upgraded to the Sun clan, they are allowed to speak with their parents for 20 minutes without censorship.


Parents can visit their detained relative once every 2 months. The teenagers in Earth clan must remain on campus during the visit. When they enter the Moon clan they can sleep off campus with their parents but not at home. That privilege is first earned when they are a part of the Sún clan.


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