Montcalm School for Girls

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 60 [1]
Checked October 28, 2010
Open.gif Opened 2004 [1]

Montcalm School for Girls located in Albion, Michigan [2] (and previous also in Van Wert, Ohio) is a marketed as a therapeutic boarding school.

The Length of the program is described as "flexible length of stay, short to long term" [1]

The targetgroup is girls aged between 12 and 21.

The campus does also house a department for boys - Montcalm School for Boys.

Program structure

The program utilize the use of positive peer group system.

Living standards

The girls sleep in bunk rooms and do daily chores. They are responsible for their own laundry, prepare their own meals.


The girls attend an on campus school Monday to Friday. The teachers are licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Education.


The campus in Van Wert closed July 1, 2010. The reason was the the state seeking more efficient treatment options [3]

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