Mount Carmel Youth Ranch

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Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is a behavior modification facility located in Wyoming.

They detain male teenagers aged between 12 and 18.

The recommend a number of Teen Escort companies on their webpage.

Program structure

Intro phase

Regardless of whether the parents assets the needs to be either short term or long-term, the teeager starts in their wilderness program called Frontier Program [1].

It is stated to last either 21 or 90 days.

It takes place around a old lodge without plumbings. They have to cook their meals like if they lived 150 years ago. Numerous chores and praying is a part of a system to break the teenagers down. The detained boys wear uniforms of western jeans, western red shirts and work boots.

When the staff determind that the boys have been broken they graduate to a bunkhouse. There they have some of the luxuries, like indoor toilets and bathing; washers and dryers. Uniform requirements are loosen so the the detained youth can wear various cowboy print “snappy” shirts and have more choices of boots.

Long-term program

In order to be detained in the long-term program the teenagers have to go through the Wilderness program.

The long-term program has 10 levels.


The market themselves as a Catolic program. There is mandatory attendance in Catolic prayers regardless of the teenagers religious belief.


They use the Our Lady of the Rosary curriculum, which is a curriculum based on the Catolic belief.


April 2008 it was annouced that they have joined the Independent Small Business Alliance - an association of small behavior modification programs [2].

External Links


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