Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch

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Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch is a behavior modification facility located in Trout Creek, Montana.

They have a link to Galena Ridge Wilderness Program on their homepage, which suggest that they receive teenagers from that wilderness program. The owners Joe & Marilyn Frields have previous worked for 20 Peaks Ranch, which also owns Galena Ridge Wilderness Program [1]

Program structure

The length of the program is not known.

They claim the use of the 12 step program. Other components of the program seem to be community service.


The detained teenagers attend Trout Creek High School.


January 2009, it was announced that they have taken over operations from 20 Peaks Ranch [2]. While the press-release states that the ranch is located in White Pine, the homepage continue to state that the program was located in Trout Creek. The number in the press release is shared with the wilderness program: Galena Ridge Wilderness Program

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