Mountain Park Academy

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This facility is currently being investigated by the Fornits Webforum

Mountain Park Academy was/is a behavior modification facility locaded near Patterson, Missouri [1]

They were able to detain 40+ boys and 200+ girls at the facility.

Even though the academy seems no longer to exist, investigation is ongoing about ABM Ministries being a new version of this facility based on the content of their student / parent handbook having the same layout.

Program Structure



This facility use corporal punishment

According to World Corporal Punishment Research (Corpun) the paddle the detained teenagers.

Chief among them is Mountain Park Baptist Boarding Academy near Patterson, Mo., a ministry that shut down in Mississippi in 1986 after years of abuse allegations, legal proceedings and a court order to remove all of its students.

More than two dozen former students interviewed by the Post-Dispatch say they were mistreated by the ministry. Some -- particularly those who attended in Mississippi -- recount heavy paddlings, and many women say their menstrual cycles were interrupted at the school, presumably because of stress.


  • Mountain Park will take your teen against their will and brainwash them.
  • Allegation of using Cult tactics, the facility is not a cult but they use Cult tactics [2].
  • Forced to attend church and 24/7 exposure to Mountain Parks way of teachings.
  • Locked facility, Surrounded by Tall fences topped with Barb-Wire.
  • Lack of medical care read more
  • No medications given out
  • Former Students Claim Daily abuse by staff of Mountain Park (read the Stories here)
  • Violent crimes at Mountain Park (there was a murder at Mountain Park)
  • Lack of certified teachers
  • Mountain Park is not state certified
  • Parents are expected to sign a document that states that Mountain Park is not going to be help responsible if the Diploma from Mountain Park is not honored anywhere.
  • Diploma may not be honored at local school, or college upon return from Mountain Park
  • Your child is not allowed to call out (phones are password protected) so they can not even call for help (911) in case of a emergency or when they are abused by the staff.
  • All communications are censored both mail and telephone.
  • You can only call your child for 10 min every 2 weeks (even those calls are monitored)
  • All mail is monitored: incoming and outgoing and all must go throughout the parents.

In the news

An investigation into a murder was done in 1996, where William Andrew Futrelle II was found dead with his throat slashed [3]. They have also been involved in a lawsuit [4]

After the closure work is done to unite the former students of this facility and Palm Lane Academy in Florida [5].

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