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Musikefterskolen i Humble is a continuation school located in the village Humble in Denmark [1].

Founded in 1974 it was a continuation school with focused on outdoor activities until an accident forced them to relaunce the facility under a new concept with various indoors activities - primary music.

Program structure

While they focus on delivering young people to the entertainment industry where a succesful career in 2008 involve mandatory use of drugs or alcohol followed by a period of rehab, the school have rules that are inconsistent with the culture of the market they are focusing on educating teenagers to. Their three main rules are:

  • 1) Behave so you can look at your self in the mirror
  • 2) No toccaco, alcohol or drugs
  • 3) Be serious and focused about schoolwork and other activites.

Example of a typical day

A typical day is stated to consist of [2].

  • 07:10 Morning exercise (normally a 1 kilometer run / walk around the campus)
  • 07:40 Breakfast
  • 08:15 Morning singing and kickoff
  • 08:35 Class 1
  • 10:05 Break
  • 10:30 Class 2
  • 12:05 Lunch
  • 13:00 Class 3
  • 15:10 Break (depends of how education is progressing)
  • 15:30 Class 4
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 18:30 Chores
  • 19:15 Study hall (called home work cafe)
  • 20:15 Personal time
  • 22:45 Everybody in their own rooms
  • 23:00 Lights out

On fridays the education ends at 14:30 where the teenagers can leave for home pass unless the weekend is one of 10 weekends with mandatory presence.


A huge red flag is the rule against cellphones during the first 8 weeks at the school. When the teenager arrive at the school they are forced to hand their cellphones to the administration. They will have 45 minutes every Tuesday to go to the office in order to make calls and then return the phone to the staff. When the 8 weeks have passed they are allowed to have their cellphone all week (but of course it has to be shut off during classes). Generel it is not recommended to send children to school where communication is restricted [3]

Special on Toccaco

The have extended the prohibition against Tobacco to include the local community so smoking teens have leave the Island where the facility is located to enjoy their right, which they have when being in the general population to smoke.

In the news

April 2004 a group of teenagers together with a teenager was kayaking along the coastline, when one of kayaks capsized. An 18 year old male teenager died due to cold schok. Regulations in Denmark recommend that people should only use Kayaks from May to September. The incident forced the facility to alter their concept. The following school year the new concept with focus on music and indoor activities were introduced [4] [5]

When they introduced a smoking ban in a lot of teenagers left the facility voluntary [6].

October 2012 the belongings of several students were stolen while they were attending school on the campus [7]

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