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National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) is a private association, which were formed in 1999 in order to make a complete directory of treatment programs.

They describe themselves as a volunteer membership organization with own ethical standards, which is not regulated by any federal organ.

Despite their ethical standards, programs where deaths has occured continue to be listed in the database.

As October 2007 their website states that they have these programs as members:

Program State/Country Classification
Academy at Canyon Creek Utah RTC
Academy at Sisters Oregon EGBS
Academy at Swift River Massachusetts TBS
Academy of the Sierras California SBS
Adirondack Leadership Expeditions New York Wilderness Therapy
Advanced Recovery Center Florida TIL
Alldredge Wilderness Journey WV Wilderness Therapy
Alpine Academy Utah RTC
ANASAZI Foundation Arizona OBHP
Ascent ID Wilderness Therapy
Aspen Achievement Academy Utah Wilderness Therapy
Aspen Ranch Utah RTC
Aspiro Utah Wilderness Therapy
Auldern Academy North Carolina PGBS
Benchmark Young Adult School CA TIL/YAP
Betton House (Family Foundation) PA TIL
Birdseye Boys Ranch Utah RTC
Blackwater Outdoor Experiences VA Wilderness Therapy
Boulder Creek Academy ID TBS
Bridges Academy Oregon EGBS
Bromley Brook School Vermont EGBS
Building Bridges Montana RTC
Buxmont Academy PA RTC
Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks MO RTC
Caron Adolescent RTC PA RTC
Catalyst RTC Utah RTC
Catherine Freer Wilderness Oregon Wilderness Therapy
Cedar Ridge Academy Utah Therapeutic Boarding School
Cedars Academy Delaware Therapeutic Boarding School
Center for Change Utah RTC
Chaddock IL RTC/TIL
Cherry Gulch Idaho Therapeutic Boarding School
Children, Youth, Family Services of Juliette Fowler Homes Texas RTC/TIL
Chrysalis Montana Therapeutic Boarding School
Clearview Horizon Idaho Therapeutic Boarding School
Copper Canyon Academy Arizona Therapeutic Boarding School
Copper Hills Youth Center Utah RTC
Coral Reef Academy,Samoa NV RTC
Cottonwood de Tucson Arizona RTC
Discovery Academy Utah Therapeutic Boarding School
Discovery Ranch Utah RTC
Dragonfly Transitions & Adventures Oregon Wilderness Therapy/TIL/YAP
Duck River, Three Springs TN OTP
Eagles Nest School for Boys CO EGBS
Echo Malibu Youth Treatment Center California RTC
Echo Springs Transistion Study Center Idaho TIL/YAP
Eckerd Academy at Brooksville FL OTP
Eckerd Academy at Deer Lodge TN OTP
Elan School ME BS
Elk Mountain Academy Idaho Therapeutic Boarding School
Elk River Wilderness Challenge AL Wilderness Therapy
Evangel House Christian Academy LA Therapeutic Boarding School
Excel Academy Texas Therapeutic Boarding School
FI Chamberlain School Massachusetts Therapeutic Boarding School
Family Foundation School New York BS
Family Life Center California RTC
Flying 7 Ranch for Youth Idaho RTC
Fulshear Ranch Academy Texas TIL/YAP
Gatehouse Academy Arizona RTC/TIL/YAP
Gateway Academy Utah RTC
Granite Hill School NH Therapeutic Boarding School
Gray Wolf Ranch|WA RTC
Grove School CT Therapeutic Boarding School
Heart Mtn New Beginnings WY RTC
Heritage Schools Utah RTC
Hidden Lake Academy GA Therapeutic Boarding School
Hunter School NH Therapeutic Boarding School
In Balance Ranch Academy Arizona Therapeutic Boarding School
Innercept Idaho Therapeutic Boarding School /YAP
Intermountain Montana RTC
Intermountain Hosp RTC Idaho RTC
Ironwood ME RTC
Island View, RTC Utah RTC
John Dewey Academy Massachusetts Therapeutic Boarding School
King George School Vermont EGBS
Kolob Canyon Utah RTC
La Amistad FL RTC
La Europa Academy Utah RTC
Life Designs WA YAP
Life-Line Inc Utah RTC
Little Keswick School VA Therapeutic Boarding School
Living Well Transistions CO TIL/YAP
Logan River Academy Utah RTC
Lone Star Expeditions Texas Wilderness Therapy
Maple Lake Academy Utah RTC
Menninger Clinic Texas SPBH
Meridell Achievement Center Texas RTC
Midnight Mountain Life Skills Training Center WA YAP
Mirasol Eating Disorder Recovery Program Arizona RTC
Mission Mountain School MT Therapeutic Boarding School
Monarch Center for Family Healing CO Wilderness Therapy
Montana Academy Montana Therapeutic Boarding School
Montcalm Outdoor Challenge Program MI OTP
Montcalm School for Boys MI Therapeutic Boarding School /RTC
Montcalm School for Girls Ohio Therapeutic Boarding School /RTC
Moonridge Academy Utah RTC
Mount Bachelor Academy Oregon Therapeutic Boarding School
Mountain Homes Utah OTP/Wilderness Therapy
National Deaf Academy FL RTC
New Dominion School of Maryland MD RTC
New Dominion School of Virginia VA OTP
New Haven Utah RTC
New Horizons for Young Women ME OTP
New Leaf Academy of North Carolina North Carolina EGBS
New Leaf Academy of Oregon Oregon BS
New Lifestyles VA YAP
North Idaho Behavior Health Idaho RTC
NorthStar Center Oregon YAP
Northwest Academy Idaho Therapeutic Boarding School
Northwest Passages Idaho TIL
Oakley School Utah BS
Odyssey Wilderness Program WA Wilderness Therapy
Open Sky Wilderness (Colorodo) CO Wilderness Therapy
Optimum Performance Institute California YAP
Our Lady of Mt Carmel NM RTC
Outback Therapeutic Expeditions Utah Wilderness Therapy
Paint Rock Valley AL OTP
Pasadena Villa FL RTC
Passages to Recovery Utah Wilderness Therapy
Pendleton Academies Oregon Therapeutic Boarding School /RTC
Peninsula Village TN RTC
Penrith Farms WA YAP
Pine River Institute Canada Therapeutic Boarding School
Prescott House Arizona RTC
Provo Canyon School Utah RTC
Rancho Valmora NM RTC
Red Rock Canyon School Utah RTC
Redcliff Ascent Utah Wilderness Therapy
Remuda Ranch Arizona RTC
Ridge Creek Wilderness GA Wilderness Therapy
Rogers Memorial Hospital WI RTC
Rosecrance Griffin Wiliamson Campus IL RTC
Sagewalk Wilderness Oregon Wilderness Therapy
San Cristobal Academy NM YAP
Santiam Crossing (Catherine Freer) Oregon OTP
Second Nature Utah Wilderness Therapy
Second Nature Blue Ridge GA OTP
Second Nature Cascades Oregon Wilderness Therapy
Second Nature Entrada Utah OTP/YAP
Seven Arrows Academy Florida EGBS
Shortridge Academy NH BS
Soltreks MN Wilderness Therapy
Spring Ridge Academy Arizona Therapeutic Boarding School
Spruce Mountain Inn Vermont RTC/YAP
St Paul's Preparatory Academy Arizona BS
Star Meadows Academy at Hope Ranch Montana Therapeutic Boarding School
Stone Mountain School North Carolina Therapeutic Boarding School
Summit Achievement ME Wilderness Therapy
Summit Preparatory School Montana Therapeutic Boarding School
Sunhawk Academy Utah RTC
Sunrise RTC Utah RTC
SUWS Adolescent & Youth Program Idaho OTP
SUWS of the Carolinas North Carolina Wilderness Therapy
Tamarack Center WA RTC
Telos RTC Utah RTC
The Academy Oregon Therapeutic Boarding School
The Discovery School of Va VA EGBS
The High Frontier Texas RTC
The Oliverian School NH BS
Three Rivers Montana Montana Wilderness Therapy
Three Springs Courtland AL RTC
Top Flight Utah RTC
Trainsitions of Galveston Island Texas Therapeutic Boarding School /YAP
True North Wilderness Vermont Wilderness Therapy
Turn-about Ranch Utah RTC
Turnabout/Stillwater Academy Utah RTC
Turning Winds Academies Institute Montana Therapeutic Boarding School
Uinta Academy Utah RTC
Valley View School Massachusetts Therapeutic Boarding School
Villa Santa Maria NM RTC
Visions Adolescent Treatment Center California RTC
Vista RTC- multiple sites Utah RTC
Wediko NH School & Treatment Program NH RTC
Wendigo Lake Expeditions Canada Wilderness Therapy
West Ridge Academy Utah RTC
Wilderness Quest Utah Wilderness Therapy/RTC/YAP
Wilderness Treatment Center Montana Wilderness Therapy/RTC
Willow Creek School Utah RTC
Youth Care, Inc. Utah RTC

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