New Bethany Home

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This facility used corporal punishment

New Bethany Home was the name for three facilities located at:

  • Longstreet, Louisiana (Closed 1981)
  • Walterboro, South Carolina (Closed 1984)
  • Arcadia, Louisiana

They were shut down after claims of abuse [1].

They were run by the couple Mack and Thelma Ford.

Program structure


The claims of unhumane treatment consisted of these points:

  • 1) Frequent whippings that left bruises.
  • 2) Beatings at the hands of other girls (big sister treatment)
  • 3) Being made to clean out animal pens with bare hands
  • 4) Being denied medical care.
  • 5) Being constantly called derogatory names.


In the news

In 1998 a grandmother campained for the release of her grandson, which she got with help from U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, R-Colo [2][3]


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  2. Fighting to free a grandson, Western Slope family campaigns for release of 14-year-old boy from Louisiana preacher's harsh detention compound, By by Lou Kilzer, Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colorado, 1 November 1998 (Reprint from World Corporal Punishment Research)
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